Tuesday, 16 February 2021

LCS Task 11

 Where On Earth

Where were you born? Malaysia

Where were your parents and grandparents born? Myanmar

Where did they grow up? Myanmar

Country of Origin

My parents and grandparents are from a small village surrounded by trees so basically a rural area.

They had a farm where they grew rice, beans, fruits and vegetables, there are also animals there like 1 dog, 4 pigs and tons of chickens. The place was very damp in the morning,  it was topped with small hills and holes. The times I went to Myanmar it was mostly dry. I'm pretty sure I haven’t seen it rain so they have to use the well water to water the crops.

The place isn’t covered in buildings but instead small hut’s. My favourite place on the farm would probably be the berry tree.

What does your name mean?


  1. What does your name mean? Home Ruler.

  2. How your parent/parents decide on your name? My uncle chose my name.

  3. I had a different name in Malaysia but then when we moved to New Zealand my parents changed my name to Harry, a name that was given by my uncle.

  4. I have another name but I only know how to pronounce it, that name was given to me by my grandma. The name probably came from one of my greats I have never met.

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Camp Day 1


Camping Day 1

My whole family got ready for a special event that happens every year, we continued guessing in the car which annoyed them after a few minutes so we stayed silent most of the way. 

We arrived at Lucky’s house, my parents told me and my sister to stay in the car but boredom started to creep in. I opened the car door and hopped out of the car and I saw shoes facing me, I slowly looked up and my dad was right in front of me. I quietly asked my dad “where are we going” and he replied with “Camp.”

The ride took 7 hours and we arrived at the campsite at midnight. We washed ourselves and got ready for the night.

To Be Continued 

ShakesSpeare Translation


I woke up to the sounds of wailing from my alarm clock, I was too tired to get up but I had to anyway. I just got up and my body was feeling stiff as hell. I hopped in the tub and took a refreshing shower and that woke me up. I wasn’t feeling dozy any more so I continued on my morning.

Shakespearean Version

I did wake up to the sounds of wailing from mine own alarm horologe, i wast too not restful to receiveth up but i hadst to concluded, be it.  I just did get up and mine own corse wast humour stiff as hell.  I did hop in the tub and tooketh a refreshing showeth'r and yond did wake me up.  I wasn’t humour dozy any m're so i hath continued on mine own m'rning