Friday, 15 November 2019

Assembly Feelings

Our Assembly was on Friday 15th November and the day was here, most of us were scared but I was overconfident. As minutes passed my feeling changed to how much amount of audience there is. Our whole hall was filled with chatters and giggles, my teacher gave me the signal to walk up and speak. But as I did my mouth was glued shut then came out an exciting voice that said "Welcome To Room 10's Assembly," my fear was gone.

I was the host but I had buddies some of my buddies didn't make it. It took time to find the right buddy a confident, all ways here buddy. Her name was Sheila, she said the parts that I couldn't say.

Our story's went super well people made mistakes but kept on going. The whole Assembly went well we were scared but didn't give up, maybe you should try it.

Our future Assembly should have more practice we didn't have much.

Monday, 4 November 2019


Harry’s and Ben’s Poem Original
Will your sister run after you, Do your ears hang low,
Will she hit you with bamboo, do they wobble to and fro,
Can she scream out loud, Can you tie them in a knot,
Can your sister make your temperature rise, Can you tie them in a bow,
You will probably want to terrorize, Can you hang them on your shoulders,

Will your sister... Like a Continental soldier,
                                                                                             Do your ears hang low.